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Hotel Santa Maria Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Hotel Santa Maria proprietor of this website commits to protecting and securing the private data of the website’s users.

1. Confidentiality
Due to the nature and objects of the interactive services provided here, it is required from the users that they provide contact and / or information that can be considered of a personal nature.
Hotel Santa Maria commits to work in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

2. Data Bases / Use of Login and Passwords
The data bases provided on this site serve the single purpose of maximizing the business opportunities between all intervening parties.

3. Correction and Updating of Personal Information
The user of the interactive services provided on this site is responsible for, and the holder of the information provided to Hotel Santa Maria, and can therefore access, update or rectify the information provided regarding his or her data.
If required, the user can contact us to change any personal information and / or the conditions for disclosure, or, if you wish to modify your identification, contacts and / or profile.

4. Consent
Your use of the services provided on this website and/or application to make a reservation at the hotel, confirm your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.